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History and Geography

The word "history" comes from the Latin historia, which in turn is from the greek ἱστορία (historìa), which means "knowledge acquired through research." It is with this sense that Aristotle used the term in its Περί Τά Ζωα Ιστορία (Peri Ta Zoa Istória) or, as in Latin, Historia Animalium.

Today, we more properly distinguish between history and historiography:

With history, in its broadest sense, we mean the combination of all the events of the past, more realistically limited to the past that we know. We can say that history is composed of all known and unknown events objective and unique. It is considered history that small part of the past that had to do with the presence of man.
Between science and literature, the historiography is perhaps the most tricky to define, because trying to discover and learn about the events that occurred in the past, formulating an intelligible report, necessarily involves the use of several auxiliary disciplines. The historiography is essentially a written record (from γραφή, sign) of facts and happenings of life of individuals and socities in the past and interpretation that historians give about them.
The word "geography" also derives from the Latin Geographia, in turn coming from the ancient Greek γη/γέα (ghe / ghea = Earth) and γράφειν (gràfein = to write), literally, writing about the earth, is the science which studies, interprets , describes and represents the Earth in terms of physical and human aspects, that is in the space of his body surface.

Although separate sciences, history and geography are in fact interrelated: the historical evolution of society and civilization went hand in hand with the knowledge and discovery (e.g. the discovery of America). Just as the human aspects studied by geography, for example, are affected by the events of history.

For this reason the two disciplines are considered together in our area subject.