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Bacchus and grapes (watercolor)
Goats at Latfons (watercolor)
Sowing (ink)
The bathers (watercolor)
We live of nothing (watercolor)
Thinking on the beach (watercolor)

Area: Technology

The term technology derives from the Greek τεχνολογια (technologhia), literally "discourse on art", where art means knowing how to do. It refers to the multidisciplinary area of research and development of solutions, especially related to production processes.

In the most classic sense, technology deals with the study of procedures and equipment necessary for the transformation of a given raw material into an industrial product, starting from the principles of science, to get to the technique, which instead deals specifically with the practical modalities of processing; in practice, from the point of view of the realization of a product, science makes global knowledge available, the technology says what it takes to know to do, the technique explains how to do it.

Engineering adds human characteristics such as imagination, judgment and intellectual discipline to pre-existing knowledge to use technology in a safe, efficient and repeatable way. Thanks to technological innovation there has been a strong increase in production. Technological progress has also greatly improved people's living standards, many heavy jobs have been eliminated. Innovation has not always been without side effects, for example environmental. This has generated numerous debates. Another source of concern is that, with the strong advancement of technology, the futurologists fear that in the future mechanical intelligence superior to human intelligence can be created.

Sometimes, the entry of a more modern technology is intentionally delayed to market a previous one, with the aim of recovering the previous investments in research or of securing a business for the future, longer than that obtainable by entering the market with the status of art of research (with the state of the art technology we mean the latest technology available on the market and the best in terms of quality.). The receptiveness of a market to innovations can lead to defer the timing for the launch of a product and a technology, even if it has already been tested in laboratories.

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