GRENZEN means in German: cultural, social and mental "boundaries / frontiers". But the roots of the word in universal language reveal to us that the suffix ZEN invites to "meditate, reflect" while GREN is the "branch" which in medieval Art is a symbol of "logic" and "rebirth".

Therefore GRENZEN are the boundaries on which to reflect and overcome with the logic for the rebirth of the individual, of society, of culture.

Kunst Grenzen / Arte di Frontiera is an artistic and social promotion association: the Association is non-political, non-denominational and non-profit and pursues the aims of artistic and social promotion.

For the best achievement of the purposes, the Association may, among other things, carry out management and management of exhibition spaces, as well as carrying out didactic and training activities for the start-up, updating and improvement in the artistic field, in addition to the enhancement and recovery of artistic assets in the area.

The Association may collaborate or even join other entities, both public and private with similar, similar or complementary with which the purposes and intentions are shared.

For the realization of its aims and in order to work for the realization of collective interests, the Association proposes to favor the extension of the cultural activity in promoting artistic initiatives in the municipal, regional, national and foreign cultural exchanges and exhibition with other associations that have similar purposes and intentions.

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